Do You Have Cancer Risk?

It's important to note that any quiz provided here is strictly for informational purposes and cannot replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Individuals concerned about their health or risk for cancer should consult with healthcare professionals.

Do You Have a Cancer Risk? - Quiz

1. Family History: 

Have any of your first-degree relatives (parent, sibling, child) been diagnosed with cancer?

A) Yes

B) No

2. Smoking: 

Do you smoke or have you smoked in the past?

A) Yes, I currently smoke.

B) I used to smoke but have quit.

C) No, I've never smoked.

3. Alcohol Consumption: 

How often do you consume alcohol?

A) Regularly or in high amounts.

B) Occasionally.

C) Rarely or never.

4. Sun Exposure: 

How often do you use sun protection (sunscreen, hats, etc.) when outside?

A) Rarely or never.

B) Sometimes.

C) Always.

5. Diet: 

Would you say your diet is high in processed foods, red meats, and sugars?

A) Yes.

B) Somewhat.

C) No, I eat a balanced diet.

6. Physical Activity: 

How often do you engage in physical exercise?

A) Rarely or never.

B) A few times a month.

C) Regularly, several times a week.

7. Exposure to Harmful Chemicals: 

Are you frequently exposed to harmful chemicals (e.g., asbestos, benzene) at home or work?

A) Yes.

B) Unsure.

C) No.

8. Age: 

Are you over the age of 50?

A) Yes.

B) No.

9. Previous Medical History: 

Have you had a personal history of cancer or certain non-cancerous, or benign, breast diseases?

A) Yes.

B) No.

10. Radiation Exposure: 

Have you been exposed to radiation (excluding standard medical imaging tests like X-rays)?

A) Yes.

B) Unsure.

C) No.


Mostly A's: You may have several risk factors commonly associated with increased cancer risk. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional to discuss your risk and get appropriate advice.

Mostly B's: You have some risk factors or behaviors that might be associated with cancer. Periodic checks and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial.

Mostly C's: You seem to have fewer risk factors traditionally associated with cancer. However, it's essential to remember that cancer can still develop due to factors not covered in this quiz. Regular health check-ups are always a good idea.

Please remember that this quiz doesn't cover all possible risk factors and doesn't account for personal medical history in detail. Always consult with healthcare professionals about health concerns.